Periodical vulnerability scan for dedicated servers

In cooperation with Dutch cybersecurity pioneer ThreadStone, Worldstream offers a periodical vulnerability scan for your Internet-connected server(s). This groundbreaking ThreadScan solution offers SMBs a recurring vulnerability scan to keep dedicated servers healthy and protected from cybercriminals.

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SMB cybersecurity risks

Market research indicates that SMB entrepreneurs often underestimate the risk of becoming victims of cybercrime. However, it appears that every organization is an interesting target for cybercriminals, no matter how large or small. A cyberattack may involve spreading viruses or blocking certain files by exploiting weaknesses in server systems, for example, because security patches or updates are not installed. A vulnerability scan like ThreadScan can help SMBs mitigate cybercrime risks.

ThreadScan advantages

The ThreadScan product offered by Worldstream is an innovative, award-winning cybersecurity solution. Its periodical scanning process is fully automated and accessible via ThreadStone’s online portal. After each cybersecurity scan of your dedicated servers, a user-friendly and clear safety report is drawn up, listing the vulnerabilities discovered and advice on possible fixes. This report provides you with valuable management information for the security status of your servers.

About ThreadStone

Cybersecurity pioneer ThreadStone started its operations in 2014 with the mission of making the internet around the world a little safer. As an innovative company headquartered in the Netherlands, ThreadStone delivers a wide range of reliable, practical and affordable cybersecurity solutions for both large and smaller organizations. Its award-winning ThreadScan solution – offered by Worldstream– is a fully automated security scan, specially developed for SMBs.

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