Welcome to Worldstream

Our mission is to offer high-quality, flexible and affordable IT infrastructure as a custom solution with a monthly pricing model. This translates to security-focused Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting services, including fully customized dedicated servers and private cloud with the inclusion of distributed denial-of-service protection.

  • Hosting since 2006

    Worldstream was originally conceived as an Internet Service Provider. Currently headquartered in Naaldwijk as an IaaS provider. Through the use of their in-house services and the Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN) platform you can deploy and combine IT solutions in one centralized environment.

  • Company-owned Dutch data centers

    Through sister company Greenhouse Datacenters, Worldstream has two of its own data centers, which houses more than 15.000 fully customized bare metal servers. In addition to our own global network with a capacity of 10 Tbit/s, Worldstream also uses data centers in Haarlem and Frankfurt.

  • 24/7/365 Support

    Our excellent support department has an average response time of 7 minutes. This is one of the main reasons why our customers score us at 9,6, which translates to a Net Promoter Score of 74. On top of that we are ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and PCI-DSS compliant.

Welcome to Worldstream

  • Fully configurable dedicated servers
  • Custom IaaS solutions with fixed monthly payments
  • 10 Tbit/s global network with only 45% utilization
  • Average response time of 7 minutes, 24/7/365
  • Own state-of-the-art data centers



Contact Us

  • E-mail us for more information

    For technical issues or more detailed questions, we recommend sending us an e-mail. We aim to reply with lightning speed.

  • Call us for urgent questions

    Our service desk is available 7 days a week, all day long and in all time zones.

  • Chat with our sales engineers

    Our sales chat is here during office hours (MET, GMT +1) to answer your questions regarding ordering your dedicated servers and IT solutions.