Meet the Worldstream leadership team

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Lennert Vollebregt

As cofounder of Worldstream, Lennert leads our company’s overall strategy, direction and operations on the international stage. The strategy is paying off, as we’ve experienced significant company and global backbone growth, particularly since 2016. The key ingredients of this strategy? Infinite IaaS configuration flexibility, great value for money, and experienced engineering support 24/7.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Dirk Vromans

Dirk cofounded Worldstream in 2006 together with Lennert. Passionate about server, network and data center engineering, Dirk is the driving force behind our company’s R&D efforts and hosting product direction. He also helps steer the ongoing development of our redundant 10 Tbit/s global network, which is core to the Worldstream value proposition.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ivo Roomer

Shortly after introducing a new website Worldstream introduces their new CEO: Ivo Roomer. Surprising, considering both occurred in 2020. Ivo is well versed in the hosting landscape and has a fitting no-nonsense approach. His listening and communication skills enables his ability to understand both sides of a subject. Ivo will bring Worldstream to the next level. To acknowledge his ambition he comments: “Worldstream might even be a little too humble”.

Planning & Control Director
Wouter van Zwieten

As an early Worldstream employee, Wouter oversees our company’s day-to-day operations. With an entrepreneurial background and deep-technical knowledge, he manages Worldstream’s policies, procedures, certifications, HR, and much more. He bears the final responsibility for our steady, structured global growth by means of third-party audited compliance with the highest hosting industry standards.

Quality Director
Tom van Dijk

Tom has a vital role in ensuring that Worldstream’s hosting solutions meet and exceed customer expectations at all times. He is committed to safeguarding structured delivery of our highly flexible IaaS hosting offerings. His management role is primarily about monitoring the ongoing performance and output of our quality and standards framework.

Sales Director
Robin Lim

Robin is an experienced international sales leader. With a long-standing history of working in the hosting industry including one of the world’s largest hosting brands, he is responsible for managing Worldstream’s solutions consulting and customer success. Overseeing the flexible fulfillment of customer requests, Robin ensures that you get what you need.

Network Director
Tim Vollebregt

Mastermind behind the SDN-powered Worldstream Elastic Network and architect of our 10 Tbit/s global backbone, Tim is a true visionary engineering leader who ensures that our customers’ IT infrastructures remain flexible and secure. As a hosting industry veteran, he manages our network team and drives innovation by leveraging the latest proven networking technologies.

Finance Director
Mark Chandler

Mark is an accomplished finance professional with years of experience working in a global context for one of the Big Four audit and consulting giants, EY consulting services. From his background at EY, Mark knows what it takes to back up a scaling organization like Worldstream with strong financial fundamentals, and how to guide Worldstream’s company expansion. His responsibilities include the company’s strategic financial planning and analysis, controlling, treasury, tax as well as financial and business reporting and analysis.

Development Director
Patrick Kuijvenhoven

Patrick heads our engineering development department, which is at the heart of the Worldstream organization. As an inspirational leader with extensive personal expertise in software, network and system development, Patrick manages Worldstream’s results-driven engineering design and build while ensuring automated and flawless global delivery of our unique IaaS hosting solutions.

Support Director
Lars Kleijn

With his team of experienced engineers on standby in our company-owned data centers 24/7, Lars is responsible for customized engineering management, proactive support and troubleshooting for our regional and global customer base. A seasoned engineering expert himself, Lars and his team are capable of achieving lightning-fast support response times and the highest customer satisfaction levels.