Meet the Worldstream leadership team

Worldstream Leadership

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ivo Roomer

Shortly after introducing a new website Worldstream introduces their new CEO: Ivo Roomer. Surprising, considering both occurred in 2020. Ivo is well versed in the hosting landscape and has a fitting no-nonsense approach. His listening and communication skills enables his ability to understand both sides of a subject. Ivo will bring Worldstream to the next level. To acknowledge his ambition he comments: “Worldstream might even be a little too humble”.

Chief Operational Officer (COO)
Damien Boon

Having heightened his career at consulting agency EY and the technical expertise gained from his own SaaS company, Damien Boon brings a unique perspective to Worldstream. As an experienced strategist and decision-maker, he fits perfectly into the role of maintaining synergy between departments. Damien strengthens, through experience and strong analytic mindset, Worldstream’s long-term growth as Chief Operational Officer. His ambitious and performance-driven personality makes him the ideal leader to bring Worldstream to new heights.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Mark Chandler

Mark is an accomplished finance professional with years of experience working in a global context for one of the Big Four audit and consulting giants, EY consulting services. From his background at EY, Mark knows what it takes to back up a scaling organization like Worldstream with strong financial fundamentals, and how to guide Worldstream’s company expansion. His responsibilities include the company’s strategic financial planning and analysis, controlling, treasury, tax as well as financial and business reporting and analysis.

Chief Legal Operations Officer (CLOO)
Wouter van Zwieten

As an early Worldstream employee, Wouter oversees our company’s day-to-day operations. With an entrepreneurial background and deep-technical knowledge, he manages Worldstream’s policies, procedures, certifications, HR, and much more. He bears the final responsibility for our steady, structured global growth by means of third-party audited compliance with the highest hosting industry standards.