Accelerating the rollout of Deltic's As-a-Service

Managed services provider Deltics from Hengelo, the Netherlands, is an IT infrastructure provider specialized in providing managed WAN, LAN, and WiFi network solutions throughout the Netherlands. For newly marketed Backup & Disaster Recovery and Security ‘as-a-service’ solutions, Deltics uses the Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN). The company expects to launch more as-a-service products based on the WEN software-defined platform.

Active in IT Solutions

Founded in 1985

Headquarters in Hengelo

More than 50 Employees

The technical challenge

Certified data centers in the Netherlands for data compliance reasons

High-quality server, network, and data center infrastructure

Experienced engineers on-site for solid engineering management and control

Network infrastructure to roll out on-demand business models

Infra provider who thinks along flexibly and constructively with its channel partners

The provided solution

Certified data center space with infrastructure services

24x7 experienced engineers on-site

Worldstream Elastic Network as backbone for its As-a-Service solutions

Why Worldstream?

The management of Deltics came to the conclusion that Deltics itself could no longer make the difference in terms of infrastructure and housing for its managed services. The choice for Worldstream was an easy one, says Bultman. “With the data center services provider we previously used we had a one-sided relationship. There was no collaboration of any kind. With Worldstream it’s different. They think along with us right down to the management level and are far more flexible. The first discussions already showed it while in the meantime they have proven it. In addition, our portfolios fit seamlessly together. Where one stops, the other continues.”

“In the case of WEN, it is very clear where Worldstream’s work ends and the work begins for us as a channel partner,” says Bultman. “For Worldstream as an infrastructure provider it really stops with the delivery of WEN. They provide the rack space, compute, storage, power, physical network and SDN, as well as the uptime guarantees. We get all the space we need to develop our managed services part and the intelligent layer on top with new services for our customers. Yes, it’s a great collaboration we have with Worldstream.”

Deltics is successful in the project-based delivery of IT services. For several years now, however, the demand from customers who purchase consumer-based IT services from Deltics has been increasing. In other words, the use of IT infrastructure - fully managed - for a fixed monthly fee. When Worldstream sat down with Deltics to talk about the Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN), Deltics’ technical specialists immediately became enthusiastic. They instantly saw the many possibilities to roll out new as-a-service solutions based on WEN. As Deltics is already strong in providing project-based backup & recovery, their first choice was to develop Backup & Disaster Recovery as-a-service based on WEN.

Previously, Deltics provided hardware-driven dual data center solutions for backup & recovery. An expensive insurance premium with a mirror location which was often hardly used. Deltics had to install separate network feeds for connectivity to fallback data center locations. Underneath, the feed then consisted of about 5 to 6 network providers. “This usually made it fairly complex and often not completely transparent,” says Rob Bultman, Commercial Director at Deltics. “A lot of things also had to be organized technically first, which took us quite a lot of engineering time. Moreover, as far as performance was concerned, you didn’t get any guarantees, unless we would pay a lot of money for deploying our own fibers.”

What does the future hold for Deltics?

The solution provided allows us to easily market on-demand solutions against monthly fees. Backup & disaster recovery is the first solution we now offer based on WEN. In this particular case, we use WEN to transfer the data to Worldstream’s flagship data center in Naaldwijk in the extension of a client’s Local Area Network. The customer doesn’t notice any of this. It could also involve another data center though where a physical Worldstream network PoP is present.

The Worldstream Elastic Network offers a managed services provider like Deltics the opportunity to further expand its on-demand product portfolio. Backup & disaster recovery is the so-called ‘sweet spot’ for Deltics, but much more is possible. You may for example think of the ‘on-demand’ (and pay-per-use) provisioning of bare metal hardware, hypervisors, VMs, cloud instances, twin- and multidata center setups, and cybersecurity solutions. In data centers where the underlying backbone has a network Point-of-Presence (PoP), in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Our portfolios fit seamlessly together. Where one stops, the other continues.

Rob Bultman, Commercial Director Deltics
Overall cost reduction
Network Provider

Solutions used in this case

Worldstream Elastic Network

The platform for deploying, connecting and scaling IT resources.


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