AI based intelligent camera surveillance solutions

DAEL Group has a server room of its own, located in DAEL’s headquarters in Maasdijk, not far from the Worldstream flagship data center. To keep pace with the extensive growth of its end-to-end AI-based smart camera surveillance solutions that are centrally managed from DAEL’s own NOC and delivered throughout the Netherlands, DAEL Group was looking for a third-party company able to provide reliable and secure data center services for storage and backup.

Active in Telecom

Founded in 2001

Headquarters in Maasdijk

More than 300 Employees

The Technical Challenge

Colocation services for data storage and backup of end-to-end AI-based smart camera surveillance solutions

Possibility to install satellite dishes in a 60-meter high mast nearby the data center

Ability to deploy point-to-point 10 Gigabit radio links at the lowest latency

Ample room to grow DAEL’s data center space and data storage capacity

A secure, reliable and financially stable data center services provider

The Provided Solution

Certified colocation space for smart camera surveillance solutions

Ability to install satellite dishes in their 60-meter high mast

Availability of future data center space for expansion needs

Why Worldstream?

Worldstream has provided DAEL with a custom offering which includes a presence in Worldstream’s highly energy-efficient data center, as well as ample room to grow, and the ability to install satellite dishes in a 60-meter high mast right next to the data center. A dedicated, point-to-point 10 Gigabit radio link now connects the Worldstream facility with DAEL’s headquarters at about 6KM distance. In the same ‘Westland’ region in the Netherlands, close to the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.

“It’s great to have this enterprise-class data center of Worldstream nearby, at a distance of just 6 kilometers, but we could have selected data centers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Delft as well if the other data center services propositions would have been better,” said Jeroen van Leeuwen, Managing Director of DAEL Group. “Worldstream provides us with a highly customized solution through which we can flexibly meet the managed hosted camera surveillance requirements of our clients. We are connecting new smart camera surveillance solutions throughout the Netherlands at a speed of hundreds of camera surveillance solutions per year. The Worldstream flagship data center and their strategic plans to add new high-capacity facilities will definitely add to our further growth. It will safeguard our ability to safely store high volumes of data for our expanding operations.”

“This Worldstream Elastic Network provides SMBs with easy and low-cost access to highly flexible and enterprise-level IT features, such as bare metal servers, hypervisors, VMs, firewalls, storage, private cloud, you name it, as well as seamless access to multiple top cloud providers,” added Mr. Vromans. “I think this partnership between Worldstream and DAEL opens up immense opportunities for companies in the region and beyond, removing the barriers impeding digital transformation objectives and hybrid cloud adoption. Not at least because DAEL is able to extend their radio transmission reach throughout the Netherlands by the use of their fixed and mobile radio mast solutions.”

“Worldstream is a great company to work with,” added Mr. Van Leeuwen. “They have an entrepreneurial mindset. Just as us, they are always seeking for new opportunities in the market and merging ideas into new possibilities. They also have a very personal approach, which we actually missed with other data center services providers we considered.”

What does the future hold for DAEL?

DAEL Connectivity is able to achieve ultra-low latency figures with negligible delay through the use of satellite dishes and point-to-point radio transmission between Worldstream’s data center and its headquarters. The company also manages to deploy low latency radio link transmission across long distances. For that purpose, DAEL Connectivity offers fixed and mobile radio mast solutions.

For the Royal Netherlands Army, DAEL Connectivity has deployed low latency, radio mast-based wireless networks in Afghanistan for example, interconnecting military camps and other resources on the ground. In the UK, DAEL also provides their radio transmission technology and solutions to world-known events like the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Formula 1 races at Silverstone, Glastonbury Festival, and London New Year’s Eve Fireworks show. But one of the most prestigious projects with regard to low latency achievements would probably be the radio transmission-based financial trading connectivity which DAEL has deployed between the financial centers of London, Frankfurt and Paris.

“Many people don’t know the power of point-to-point radio transmission. If executed right, it actually provides ultra-low latency connections at the speed of light, far better than optical fiber and also at relatively long distances,” added Mr. Van Leeuwen. “Our customers in the Westland area in the Netherlands already benefit from this 60-meter high mast with radio transmission-based connectivity as well, providing them the ability to have their premises easily being connected with the Worldstream data center. Also, because there are no entry costs as with optic fiber, you just have the investment of installation only.”

The satellite dishes in the mast installed by DAEL Connectivity, right next to the Worldstream data center, allow organizations in the region, from SMBs to enterprises, to deploy dedicated 10 Gigabit radio links between the data center and their premises. This opens up new opportunities for these organizations in the ‘Westland’ area, as they get easy access to Worldstream’s highly secured and compliant data center environment, for the outsourcing of IT infrastructures or setting up backup data center locations.

Like us, they are constantly looking for new opportunities in the market in an innovative manner.

DAEL Group Logo Jeroen van Leeuwen, Managing Director DAEL Group

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Learn more about the solutions used

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