As an IT organization, you naturally want your services to perform optimally 24/7, while you maintain complete control of your data. In other words: you’re looking for nonshared resources set up in accordance with your workload needs, and no more network and hardware maintenance worries.

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Private Cloud Intro
  • Private cloud environment with fully dedicated physical resources, low latency and full access to the data.
  • No unexpected costs, and a fixed, monthly price. You no longer need to invest in your own hardware.
  • Access to a fully managed VMware cluster of at least three dedicated ESXi hosts.
  • Manage at least 50 dedicated stretched network segments (VLANs) with underlying EVPN and VxLAN technology.

Use cases

  • Customizable to your requirements

    Integrate bare metal servers to your Private Cloud infrastructure for example, to accommodate for specific workloads and use cases. Have complete control over your IT resources through a custom choice of solutions.

  • Scalable to your location


    Did you know that you can connect your organization directly to the private cloud through Fiber to the Business? Or close the gap between geographical locations with 3rd Party Data Center and Multi-Location. Facilitate the Private Cloud solution in tandem with continuous expansion plans.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Cloud On-Ramp enables you to make direct links to all the well-known hyperscalers, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. These uplinks have a high uptime, based on the SLA guarantee. Enabling you to integrate hybrid cloud seamlessly.

Worldstream’s state-of-the-art technology and fast service has helped us to implement our as-a-service solutions at twice the speed.

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Which option to choose once you’ve decided to move your IT infrastructure into the cloud? Private cloud, Public cloud, or a hybrid mixture of both?

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