Private Cloud: Maximum Control and Performance

As an IT organization, you strive for uninterrupted, optimal performance of your services, with the certainty of full control over your data. Our Private Cloud offers resources tailored to your unique workload requirements. We completely take the worry out of networking, hardware, and the virtualization layer.

Why Private Cloud?
Private Cloud
Maximum performance
Unlimited scalability
Smart savings

Worldstream Private Cloud

Perfect for
Performance-intensive IT projects and when you require full control over your infrastructure
Used by
IT professionals in organizations seeking reliable and advanced cloud solutions for their clients
Alternative for
An effective solution to replace costly public clouds and labor-intensive on-premises solutions

Why Worldstream Private Cloud?

Choose Worldstream Private Cloud for a secure and flexible IT solution. Private Cloud is perfectly tailored to your organization. IT leaders value our cloud for efficiently managing critical applications and data. At the same time, it offers operational flexibility and efficiency. With our constant innovation and strong security, your IT infrastructure is ready for both today and tomorrow.

Worldstream Network Backbone

Benefits of Private Cloud

Optimal Performance
Benefit from a dedicated private cloud environment with dedicated physical resources for low latency and full data access
Transparent Costs
A fixed monthly rate eliminates unexpected costs, saving you on expensive hardware investments
Customizable and Scalable
Whether it's integrating bare metal servers or expanding to new locations, our Private Cloud offers flexibility and scalability
Advanced Network Management
Manage over 50 own network segments with advanced EVPN and VxLAN technology for a secure and scalable network
Robust Security
Strengthen your IT environment with advanced security measures, protecting you against digital threats
Data Privacy
Stay compliant with the strictest privacy regulations like GDPR. Maintain full control over data storage and access management

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Choose between Private and Public cloud?

Making an informed choice between public cloud and private cloud. What strategic steps do you take?

Private Cloud, Is it Right for Your Business?

A private cloud can run on a service provider’s server equipment, as also offered by Worldstream, or on-premises if a proper on-site server room is available.

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