WS Cloud: Your OpenStack-Based Cloud Platform

Switch to a cloud platform that grows with your ambitions. WS Cloud is designed for every business ready for growth and innovation. Regardless of the size of your project or company, our OpenStack-based solution provides the flexibility and security you need to get started and keep going.

Configure and experience WS Cloud
WS Cloud
Own Dutch Data Centers
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WS Cloud

Perfect for
Hosting websites and applications, secure data storage, and setting up scalable online workspaces
Used by
IT companies such as web developers and web hosts looking for reliable infrastructure
Alternative for
A cost-effective alternative to private clouds or self-managed infrastructure

OpenStack at Worldstream: Flexible, Secure, and Close to Home

WS Cloud is modular and seamlessly adapts to your business needs. Your data remain safe on Dutch soil, with the privacy and security you expect. And all that with the freedom to change your infrastructure whenever you want.

Configure and Experience WS Cloud

Start the transformation to a scalable and flexible cloud environment with our configurator. Determine your needs for vCPU, memory, and storage and get an impression of the support WS Cloud can offer for your projects.

Start your trial by selecting the desired options in our configurator. After clicking "Request your trial period", we will take the following steps with you:

Personal contact: We will contact you to gain insight into your needs and objectives..

Alignment: Together we fine-tune your configuration so that it seamlessly matches your expectations.

Quick Setup: We are committed to a quick and efficient setup of your trial period, fully adapted to your specifications..

We are here to help you through the entire process, from the initial setup to the full integration of the cloud into your daily business operations..

Experience for yourself how WS Cloud grows with your business and benefit from our cost-effective and securely built cloud solution..

WS Cloud

Configure your ideal cloud environment here

Block Storage
File Storage
Floating IPs (IPv4)
Data Traffic
Launch VMs in seconds
Security Groups
High Availibility
Load Balancing


Want to know what WS Cloud can do for your organization?

Discover the full capabilities and benefits of our cloud solution.

WS Cloud Benefits

Easily adjust your capacity to meet growing demands with our smooth and dynamic scaling options
Pay only for the exact resources you use, with no hidden costs
Full Control
Fully, efficiently, and flexibly manage and customize your cloud environment as desired
Flexible Network
Advanced security with built-in firewall, VPN, and private subnets
Reliable, redundant infrastructure for uninterrupted service
Cost Savings
Achieve an average saving of 30 to 50% on your Total Cost of Ownership

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Looking to save on your current infrastructure costs?

With WS Cloud, you can save an average of 30 to 50% on your Total Cost of Ownership. Our colleagues are happy to help you get started.