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Rick Vollebregt - Account Manager

Welcome to Worldstream! I first gained extensive experience here as a technical support engineer and would be happy to help you with information about our latest services and options. Do not hesitate to send your questions via LinkedIn, or send an email:

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Rick Vollebregt Account Manager

Steef van Zeijl - Network Engineer

With our constantly expanding network, we can meet most challenges. Do you want to go into depth about our network or your connectivity? I like to contribute to answers and advice! Share your network questions via my LinkedIn or send me an e-mail:

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Network Engineer Steef van Zeijl

Ivo Roomer - CEO

At Worldstream, we are passionate about bringing IT experience and product knowledge closer to the market. That's why I like to dedicate myself to potential initiatives and opportunities that help your organization to perform better. Do you have a challenging process in mind? Please feel free to contact me directly via LinkedIn or send an email:

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Worldstream CEO

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