Legal Notice

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Worldstream would like to inform you that in accordance with Art. 14, para 1 of the EU Online Dispute Resolution Regulations the European Commission has established a platform for online dispute resolution. The platform is available here. Worldstream is not willing nor obligated to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

Contact Point for Authorities

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 (Digital Services Act) of the European Parliament and of the Council: Providers of intermediary services shall designate a single point of contact to enable them to communicate directly, by electronic means, with ‘Member States’ authorities. Requests from authorities can be sent to the following emailadress: Unless other contact channels have already been established.

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Digital Services Act (DSA)

Worldstream provides you in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 (Digital Services Act) of the European Parliament and of the Council the following information.

Contact Points for Recipients

All the relevant contact points, including support, complaints and general inquiries or concerns can be found here. For information about restrictions for recipients of our services, please see our Terms of Service or if applicable the Master Service Agreement, the anti-abuse page and the page you are reading now.

Information about content moderation and restrictions of recipient content

Worldstream provides (customer managed) infrastructure on which customers can place and/or publish content and/or offer services (for example, hosting services). Worldstream has no prior or actual knowledge of the content customers place on the infrastructure and/or provides via their (hosting) services. Worldstream only has physical access and no logical access (no login details) to the infrastructure used by the customers and do not control the traffic that the infrastructure is emitting nor the content, which is placed on the infrastructure. Worldstream is not able to select and/or amend any content. Worldstream is merely enabling content transmission (in legal terms this is called ‘mere conduit’). As such Worldstream is not able to restrict information provided by (hosting) services of the customers, nor does Worldstream provide content moderation. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we have an anti-abuse and Notice and take down (NTD) policy and procedure in place.

If a third party is in the opinion that a customer of Worldstream violates one of its rights, is involved with illegal content or is using the services for illegal activities, the third party has the possibility to send a report (NTD request) per e-mail to Worldstream. After receival of the NTD request, Worldstream will determine if the NTD request meets the requirements as set out on the anti-abuse page. If the NTD request meets the requirements Worldstream will start an investigation and send a warning (with the context of the report received from the third party) to its customer with the request to respond and to take action within the given time limit (the actual time limit depends on nature of the abuse case). If the customer of Worldstream does not react and resolve the warning within the given time limit Worldstream will null route the IP address of the server of the customer. The null route of the IP address will remain in place until the customer has resolved the warning and/or submitted a statement or an explanation via a reply on the warning received to the Trust & Safety department of Worldstream. In the situation that the customer of Worldstream is more regularly involved in NTD requests, Worldstream could decide to open up an internal investigation into the activities of the customer. Worldstream will take appropriate action on the basis of the outcome of its investigation. The legal basis for this process is covered in the articles that relate to decommissioning, termination or limitation of the service mentioned in the Terms of Service or if applicable the Master Service Agreement.

Anti-abuse page

Reporting illegal content (abuse reports/notifications): Contact Trust & Safety team via

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