Worldstream Expands into Germany, Adds Data Center in Frankfurt with maincubes

press Monday, August 2, 2021

Worldstream, a fast-growing global IaaS services provider with company-owned data centers in the Netherlands and more than 15,000 dedicated servers installed, is expanding its presence across Europe with the deployment of a new data center in maincubes’ FRA01 facility in Frankfurt, Germany. It includes the installation of a new Point-of-Presence for Worldstream’s global network and allows Worldstream to now offer private cloud, dedicated servers, block and object storage, DDoS protection, colocation and other IaaS services from Frankfurt. These products can also be delivered ‘as-a-service’, powered by their recently launched SDN, Worldstream Elastic Network and aimed at MSPs.

Worldstream PoP Frankfurt

The maincubes FRA01 facility in Frankfurt, Germany is a purpose-built, 3 story data center which is located close to one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges, DE-CIX. Equipped with energy efficient cooling technologies, a high-redundancy setup, rigorous security measures and dense connectivity options, maincubes FRA01 is able to provide Worldstream with a solid additional data center hub for the delivery of Worldstream’s IaaS services across Europe and beyond.

Worldstream’s IaaS services now available in Frankfurt include a wide variety of hybrid IT options including private cloud, dedicated servers, storage, colocation, DDoS protection, cloud onramps, and more. Its expanding portfolio of as-a-service solutions powered by this Worldstream Elastic Network would especially be interesting for managed service providers (MSPs) across Europe. All these IaaS services are backed by the company’s proprietary high-bandwidth global network backbone with 45% utilization. Based on client demand, Worldstream expects that its data center expansion into Germany will be to the liking of its customers and will prove to be a welcome European extension to Worldstream’s company-owned data centers in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.

Bulletproof Walls, Tail Gating, N+1 Redundancy

“The maincubes FRA01 facility in Frankfurt has quite an impressive design,” said Tim Vollebregt, Network Director of Worldstream. “Its military-grade security measures such as tail gating technologies, silent nozzles, palm vein scanning, and even bullet proof walls, really exceeded our expectations. While cost efficiency and flexibility are preserved, our new data center will definitely cater to the most demanding security needs of our SME and Enterprise clients as well as our channel partners. The 2N redundancy applied in FRA01’s cooling and power setups, and their Isolated Parallel configuration with UPSs lined up in a ring configuration also illustrates the world-class design of this facility. It allows us to provide true 100% data center uptime guarantees to our clients.”

“As a company that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, Worldstream is in good company, with other clients in our FRA01 facility including DAX-listed enterprises, Global Tech companies as well as high-growth companies within telecom and automotive,” said Joris te Lintelo, Vice President at maincubes. “With ample data center growth opportunities including our new data center in Frankfurt under construction and additional German cities in planning, we’re perfectly able to support Worldstream’s further growth throughout the European market.”

“Worldstream is a great addition to the portfolio of international clients in our FRA01 facility using Frankfurt as a hub for extended European data center operations,” added Oliver Menzel, CEO at maincubes. “Our high-level security and compliance standards align well with the data center standards Worldstream is used to, and I expect we can be of great value to further expand their European IaaS services footprint.”

Worldstream Elastic Network

At this new data center location in Frankfurt, Worldstream clients can make use of the company’s recently launched SDN, Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN). As a software-defined network powered by Worldstream’s global network backbone, WEN is available at any network PoP location where Worldstream’s global network backbone has data center presence.

“Our Elastic Network is a game changer for the regional and global deployment of hybrid data center, networking and cybersecurity infrastructure. Clients in Frankfurt may also appreciate the competitive price/quality ratio of the private cloud, cloud onramps, dedicated servers, storage, DDoS protection and global network backbone which Worldstream is bringing now to this prominent Internet traffic hub in Frankfurt,” said Ivo Roomer, CEO of Worldstream. “maincubes is an ideal data center partner to facilitate our current expansion throughout Europe. As Worldstream is known for its quick, 7-minutes engineering response times, with partnering we’re always looking for like-minded companies with a can-do mentality. Like us, the people at maincubes are keen to bring out the best in themselves, always further improving their offerings and setting the bar high when it comes to their security, energy-efficiency, compliance, and optimal service-orientation.”

The Worldstream Elastic Network provides SMEs, enterprises, MSPs, CSPs and systems integrators the opportunity to flexibly deploy, interconnect and easily scale IaaS resources at this new data center location in Frankfurt.

“WEN will allow clients in Frankfurt to instantly deploy, combine, interconnect and scale all kinds of IaaS services including bare metal, private cloud, public cloud, object and block storage, firewalls, anti-DDoS, and colocation, all in one centralized environment,” added Mr. Roomer. “It also gives them the ability to move workloads ad hoc and in real-time from one physical data center to another. Moreover, powered by EVPN and VXLAN technologies, our WEN software-defined platform has an ‘open’ design even allowing for 3rd party data center connections and multi-location setups. As said, it’s a real game changer, especially for MSPs who are enabled to flexibly meet their clients’ IT infrastructure needs at all times.”

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