Worldstream partners with Eaton to realise an ultra-energy efficient data center

press Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Power management company Eaton supports Infrastructure-as-a-Service hostingprovider Worldstream with their setup of redundant, scalable, and energy efficient data centers in Naaldwijk. Through the use of Eaton UPSs (Uninterruptable Power Supply) as their backup power distribution this does not only guarantees their continuity and scalability, but also contributes to achieving an ultra-low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value of 1.15.

Worldstream Eaton

Worldstream is a fast-growing and international operating IaaS hosting provider, who have over 15.000 active dedicated servers at their data centers in Naaldwijk. They hold Sustainability in high regard. Their latest data center was built with environmentally friendly cooling technology. Their ultra-low PUE-value was achieved by implementing a backup power distribution system that uses Eatons Energy Saver System (ESS). With the use of this system the amount of energy wasted by UPSs is reduced by 85%.

While sustainability is held in high regard, maintaining Worldstream’s and their customers continuity is their top priority. This requirement is visible in all aspects of the data center. To begin with the fact that the infrastructure is fully redundant. Additionally servers are powered through two separated parallel feeds, backed by different UPS-systems. In the event that one of the feeds encounters an issue, another feed can take over without visible interruption.

The modularity of Eaton’s UPSs deepens the redundancy. The backup power distributions exist of different modules that are capable of exchanging the workload between the modules. These modules make use of the unique HotSync-technology: they do not use a wired connection to communicate, but base their data on the output of the respective module. This way the system is able to decide whether or not another module should take over the work load.

“When choosing a partner for our uninterruptible power supplier we made a deliberate choice to look further than pricing. We were interested in a partner that was not only able to offer quality, but would also be able to offer scalability and reliability with a sustainable character. These preferences led us to Eaton.”

The backup power distribution of the data center is developed with anticipated growth in business. Plans for a third data center are already being made for the site next to one of their current buildings. Their expected international server capacity growth for the next few years is 90.000. Both the space where the backup power distribution resides as the UPSs are adjusted to the growth that Worldstream expects over the coming years. By thinking ahead we were already able to allocate space for extra backup power for when we need it. Marcel Brand, account manager at Eaton: “Worldstream has reached out to us in 2013. From that year onwards the solutions that we offered have grown side-by-side with the data center: in September we delivered a new set of UPSs, which gives Worldstream the possibility to deliver more servers before the end of this year.”

About Eaton

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