Optimize Your IT Infrastructure ‘At the Edge’ with Our SDN Network

Tired of the limitations and high costs of your IT infrastructure? Cleverly engineered, our SDN brings exceptional flexibility at SMB level pricing. It allows for dynamic, feature-rich IT deployments on regional to global scales.

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Geo Wen
  • Deploy hybrid cloud with ease

  • Dynamically interconnect IT resources

  • Easily create IT redundancy and scale

  • Cut your IT infrastructure costs

Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN) makes IT deployment simple
  • Real-time and dynamic workload migration
  • Regional and global IT/data center provisioning
  • PoPs will adapt to evolving user demand
  • In-house engineered SDN Controller, smart SDN design
  • Bolstered by Worldstream’s 10 Tbit/s global backbone

About WEN, our SDN


Tailor-made WEN – unique design

If our preconfigured WEN packages don’t meet all of your data center networking and IT infrastructure needs, please let us know. In that case our experienced and certified engineers can provide you with a unique WEN offering.

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Dc2 Interior Network Cables
  • Cloud interconnection options
  • Move IT workloads instantly and globally
  • Enterprise-grade IT infrastructure, SMB pricing

Ultimate flexibility, scalability and redundancy for your hybrid data center and networking needs, at low cost. That’s WEN.