The platform for deploying, connecting and scaling IT resources. With the WEN (Worldstream Elastic Network) scalable services and interconnection platform, you can effortlessly link bare metal, cloud, and colocation, among others, via logical connections.

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Geographic Worldstream Elastic Network
All Worldstream solutions: Object, Block Storage, Private Cloud, Anti-DDoS, Firewall, Fiber to the business, 3rd Party Datacenter, Cloud On-Ramp, Multi-Location, Bare Metal, Colocation.

Advantages of WEN

  • Deploy and combine all IT solutions in one centralized environment
  • Operate independently of hardware or software through NFV
  • Quickly and easily create your own VLANs through integrated EVPN/VXLAN technology
  • Effortlessly establish cableless connections between servers, data center locations, offices, (external) applications, and customers
  • Costs shift from CAPEX to OPEX

    WEN applications

    • Cluster-as-a-Service


      WEN enables all resources in a geographically dispersed infrastructure to function as one, allowing for an increasing workload on a bare metal server to be effortlessly transferred to a public or private cloud. New servers can be added without having to reserve physical space in advance, as they will be incorporated straight into the logical network through WEN.

    • Multi-data center solutions


      WEN offers turnkey environments both inside and outside the Netherlands within which organizations can quickly build two or more data center environments. With WEN, connectivity between various data centers within the same infrastructure comes as standard, for no extra charge.

    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service


      With WEN, you can create a fully scalable platform at your own discretion, from which Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other providers can offer their Managed-as-a-Service services. Organizations can seamlessly combine on-premises environments with one or more data center locations to spread workloads.

    • Hybrid Cloud


      The Private Cloud solution provides an environment based on VMware. The fully configurable hardware has a direct link to the redundant high-performance all-flash storage. Through WEN, direct links can be made to well-known public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

    Ultimate flexibility, scalability, and redundancy for hybrid data center and network needs, at low cost. That's WEN.

    Network Director Worldstream Tim Vollebregt, Network Director, Worldstream
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    Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN) makes IT deployment simple

    • Real-time and dynamic workload migration
    • Regional and global IT/data center provisioning
    • PoPs such as Frankfurt will adapt to evolving user demand
    • In-house engineered SDN Controller, smart SDN design
    • Bolstered by Worldstream’s 10 Tbit/s global backbone

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