Block Storage: Flexible and fast data storage

Experience the speed and remarkable flexibility of Worldstream's Block Storage, ideal for high-performance applications. Perfect for complex databases and virtualized environments.

Discover Block Storage
Worldstream Block Storage
Fast and flexible
Easily scalable

Block Storage

Perfect for
Workloads in virtualization, databases, and big data that demand high performance
Used by
IT companies in search of reliable infrastructure
Alternative for
Traditional local storage, with improved performance and adaptability

What is Block Storage?

Block storage saves data in separate 'blocks', each with a unique address. Ideal for IT companies that require quick access and processing of data. Widely used for essential storage needs, such as databases and mission-critical applications. It offers consistency, low latency, and high I/O throughput.

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When do you use Block Storage?

Virtual Machine Storage
Efficient management of WMs and data, ideal for flexibility and reliability
Accelerated, reliable access for databases and complex data analyses
Enterprise Applications
Provides stable and reliable performance for critical business applications

Block Storage at Worldstream

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Reliable performance for critical workloads

Experience fast, flexible, and efficient storage with Worldstream Block Storage, accessible via the iSCSI protocol. Ideal for production databases and other I/O-intensive workloads. This technology ensures fast and frequent data access, crucial for mission-critical applications. Combines the performance of local storage systems with the benefits of scalability and ease of management.

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Tailored to your specific needs

Our solutions start at 5TB, expandable by 1TB, perfectly aligning with your requirements. We offer quick data access and processing, with complete configuration freedom. Suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. Ensures scalability and security.