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Discover Worldstream's File Storage: designed for IT professionals who require reliable access to data without complexity. A solid platform for managing files and backups that reduces operational costs and increases efficiency.

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File Storage

Perfect for
Businesses that require easy access to and collaboration around a central file repository
Used by
Organizations aiming for centralized, reliable, and secure storage of their data
Alternative for
Traditional file servers, now with even better accessibility and simplified management

What is File Storage?

File Storage, also known as Network Attached Storage (NAS), is specifically designed for shared data access by multiple applications or users. It facilitates efficient storage and retrieval of both structured and unstructured data, such as documents, images, and videos. This data is orderly structured into folders and subfolders, similar to a traditional file system, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility.

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File Storage at Worldstream

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When do you use File Storage?

Central file sharing
Shared management of business documents and media, optimal for team access and collaboration
Backup solutions
Secure storage for backups with fast and reliable recovery options, critical for business continuity
Managing user profiles
Efficient management of user profiles and data in a central system, ideal for IT environments

File Storage vs. Block en Object Storage

File Storage is the ideal choice for standard file-level data storage, with simplicity and reliability at its core. It is especially suitable for companies that require regular access and streamlined management of their files. Block Storage, on the other hand, is optimized for situations where high performance and precision in data storage are required, such as with complex databases and I/O-intensive applications. For storing large amounts of unstructured data, like images, videos, and large datasets, Object Storage offers a scalable and flexible solution, excellent for growing businesses and their evolving storage needs.

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