Our worldwide network backbone

Businesses from all around the world love our network. Broadcasting, cloud service providers, storage providers—you name it. Why? The security. The ultra-low latency. The fact that only 45% is utilized to ensure and guarantee sufficient bandwidth during real outages and failovers at any time. Our intelligent architecture provides for flexible, highly redundant international network routes too. So, yes, this network meets all of your traffic needs and spikes, as well as your growth ambitions.

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  • Ample bandwidth

    Want to scale up? You’ll get ample bandwidth through our ultra-low latency network backbone with only 45% utilization.

  • 100 Gbit/s speeds

    Speed matters for IT infrastructure. Supercharge it with our 100 Gbit/s end-to-end throughput.

  • Multi-path redundancy

    Guarantee yourself 100% availability. Automatically reroute global data streams through multiple paths.

About our network...

Worldstream Global Network Backbone

About our network...


Our reliable global network



55 %

Redundant Capacity

45 %

Utilized Network

Abundant capacity
Worldstream’s network backbone offers ample bandwidth and only 45% utilization. Benefit from end-to-end high speeds with ultra-low latency connectivity from regional to global scale.
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