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Worldstream has its European colocation data centers strategically located in the Netherlands, and connected to globally based Points of Presence like Frankfurt. Constructed, owned and operated by sister company Greenhouse Datacenters, these Tier 3 designed facilities enable flexible, sustainable, secure and highly connected IT infrastructure deployments.

Worldstream Server Racks

Location & reliability

Featuring Tier 3 design and a 100% uptime track record, our secure data centers give you excellent uptime guarantees for your infrastructure. Worldstream’s flagship data center even features N+1 redundancy, which offers the highest level of reliability in the industry. The facilities meet enterprise-grade, third-party audited security and compliancy requirements.

Our data centers are strategically located in the Amsterdam region. In addition, Worldstream also uses point of presence locations, namely the FRA01 data center in Frankfurt. They have multiple near-zero latency connections with various internet hubs in Amsterdam, including Nikhef and Iron Mountain. Our redundant global network backbone ensures the highest available bandwidth and uptime guarantees for enterprise needs.

Sustainable power structure

The power grid infrastructures for our data centers are engineered according to the latest industry standards and offer the highest level of redundancy. Thanks to our N+1 infrastructure design, we’re able to offer our customers the best uptime guarantee, no-break power supply to the cabinets and reliable emergency power backup in the form of separate UPS systems with multiple 2200kVa generator sets.

The UPSs from Eaton allow for the highest energy efficiency. Combined with a unique indirect adiabatic cooling configuration and aisle containment, Worldstream is able to achieve an extremely energy-efficient PUE figure of 1.15. On top of that we’re running on 100% renewable energy, making our IaaS hosting offering highly sustainable. Our sustainability is confirmed by third party accredited certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. 

Indirect adiabatic cooling

The indirect adiabatic cooling configuration for our data centers significantly adds to the energy efficiency of the facilities and the achievement of our ultra-low PUE value of 1.15. It allows the outside air to cool the internal data center environment without letting external and internal airstreams mix directly. This is a highly efficient method.

This indirect adiabatic cooling technique considerably reduces the energy consumption in our data centers, and is reinforced by the hot aisle containment corridors. These techniques also help avoid the generation of hot spots, leading to a more stable and reliable data center environment for our server and network equipment.

Multilayered security

Worldstream’s Tier 3 classified data centers in the Netherlands cater to enterprise-grade security requirements. We have a multilayered security system in place, which includes biometric access control, electric fences, video surveillance, and staffed security onsite 24/7. At the rack level, customers are able to choose whichever locking system they prefer.

We acknowledge the importance of data center security validation by means of certifications. That’s why Worldstream has earned the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 data center certification with the strictest Information Security Management requirements. We’re also compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Both certifications are validated annually by an independent IT audit firm.

Compliance achievements

To ensure the highest quality and reliability for Worldstream’s data centers in the Netherlands, our two facilities are certified according to enterprise-grade regulatory standards. These certifications include ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management), PCI DSS (Payment Security Management), and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management). Compliance with these standards is validated annually by an independent certification body.

As both of our data centers are fully compliant with enterprise-grade standards, it enables our clients to achieve the highest validated redundancy, security and business continuity levels for the IT infrastructures being deployed. Our commitment to this quality infrastructure doesn’t end with regulatory compliance though it is a necessary baseline for providing guaranteed quality results.

Global connectivity

Available in all of our data centers, Worldstream's global network backbone offers multi-path redundancy across Europe and beyond. This highly redundant, low latency network offers global reach at high speeds and has ample bandwidth available to scale. The network has a utilization of only 45%, safeguarding client application growth and performance now and in the future.

The Worldstream global network has an intelligent architecture. A blend of Tier 1 network providers and selectively chosen peering partners, the core network is designed in such a way that it never depends on a single point of failure. The network’s fiber paths are geologically separated, ensuring IT infrastructure uptime and business continuity at all times.

Located in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.

Worldstream’s company-owned ‘Greenhouse’ flagship data center offers ultimate energy efficiency (PUE: 1.15) and low latency connectivity. Interested?

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