Object Storage: For unstructured data

Discover Worldstream's Object Storage for advanced, efficient management of unstructured data. This robust solution offers essential flexibility, scalability, and ensures vital business continuity, crucial for companies aiming for efficiency in data storage.

Discover Object Storage
Worldstream Object Storage
Reliable and secure
Unlimitedly scalable

Object Storage

Perfect for
Securing large amounts of data with simple REST API access
Used by
IT companies in search of a reliable infrastructure
Alternative for
Traditional storage systems with limited scalability and flexibility

Worldstream Object Storage

Our Object Storage, compatible with both S3 and Swift, seamlessly integrates into your existing systems. With unique identifiers and extensive metadata, fast access to your data is guaranteed.

Implementation is simple: start with a ‘bucket’ and URL, and effortlessly manage your data with our intuitive REST API.

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Our platform is flexible and grows with you, ideal for:

Long-term storage for large data volumes
Protection of essential business data
Static files
Storage of images, documents and more

Object Storage at Worldstream

Curious about how our Object Storage can efficiently solve your data challenges? We provide the support and expertise to make the best choice for your needs.

Choose Worldstream Object Storage

With Worldstream's Object Storage, you can easily scale your storage capacity, tailored to the growth of your business, with no hidden costs.

  • 5TB Object Storage € 110
  • 10TB Object Storage € 220
  • 15TB Object Storage € 330
  • 25TB Object Storage € 495
  • 50TB Object Storage € 880

Object Storage vs. Block Storage: choose what fits

Choose Object Storage for scalable and cost-efficient storage of static data that doesn't change often, such as large media files or archival data. This is ideal for situations where flexibility and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

For situations that require fast and consistent I/O, such as production databases or high-performance computing tasks, Worldstream's Block Storage is the better option. This service offers the speed and reliability needed for intensive workloads.

Each type of storage has its unique advantages, and our experts can help you choose the solution that best fits your specific needs.

Discover Block Storage
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Discover the Benefits of Worldstream Object Storage

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