Digital policymaking in 2024, according to EuroISPA

press Tuesday, March 12, 2024

EuroISPA has released its annual policy report for 2023 and provided an outlook for 2024. This report delves into crucial topics such as the influence of AI, cybersecurity challenges in the EU, and approaches to better manage online piracy. In this report, our Chief Legal Operations Officer, Wouter van Zwieten, comments on combating online piracy. Being able to collaborate with EuroISPA, the largest association of ISPs, allows our sector to thrive and evolve.

EuroISPA Annual Report

Last year, Worldstream officially joined the EuroISPA as a Forum member. EuroISPA is a pan European association of European Internet Services Providers Associations (ISPAs). It is the world’s largest association of Internet Services Providers (ISPs), representing over 3300 ISPs across the EU and EFTA countries (European Free Trade Association). Worldstream's Chief Legal Operations Officer contributed on the topic of combating online piracy to the Brussels Outlook 2024 section of the report.

In May 2023, the European Commission released a recommendation on combating online piracy of sports and other live events. The recommendation underlines rapid action against unauthorized streams and fosters collaboration across the Internet industry. In October, a conference cohosted by the Commission and EUIPO spotlighted the fight against online piracy, at which Worldstream was invited due to our established measures.

In line with the recommendation, Worldstream has developed its own proactive Notice and Take Down tool. This tool empowers rightsholders to quickly block IP addresses used to distribute infringing content during live events, effectively disrupting online piracy as it happens. This tool is part of a broader strategy to foster industry-wide efforts, aligning with the Commission's plan.

However, the challenge is not just about implementing tools: real progress in combating online piracy requires industry-wide cooperation. The current efforts often feel fragmented, with each party handling issues in isolation. From intermediaries to rights-holders, everyone has a crucial role, and only through sharing knowledge and resources can we collectively stay ahead of piracy.

Creating working groups or direct communication channels might be the key to consolidating our efforts. By sharing insights, processes, and challenges, we can transform individual actions into a cohesive, industrywide strategy against online piracy.

For the full annual report and the outlook on 2024, go to their website.

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About EuroISPA

Established in 1997, EuroISPA is the world's largest association of Internet Services Providers Associations, representing over 3,300 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the EU and EFTA countries. EuroISPA is recognised as the voice of the EU ISP industry, reflecting the views of ISPs of all sizes from across its member base.