Over 10,000 Toshiba HDDs are deployed at the Worldstream data centers

press Wednesday, April 19, 2023

With state-of-the-art facilities covering over 5,000 square meters and 15,000 servers in operation, Worldstream is a major player in the IaaS market. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company serves an international customer base that includes major financial institutions, as well as established brands in the industrial, broadcasting, enterprise, and agricultural sectors.

Over 10.000 Toshiba HDDs at Worldstream

Customer Needs Always In Focus

Worldstream offers a wide range of services to its customers, including public and private cloud, colocation, dedicated server infrastructure, and various storage solutions. The company places a strong emphasis on providing value for customers and ensuring their data is fully protected from possible cyberattacks through the implementation of top-tier security measures. As the data requirements of Worldstream’s SMB, CSP, MSP, and enterprise customers continue to grow, effective storage technology is essential. The management team at Worldstream prioritizes the reliability and performance of their storage solutions to avoid downtime and keep up with demand, all while keeping costs in check. Rapid capacity scaling is also crucial to meet customer needs.

Outstanding Partner Needed

To meet their storage needs, Worldstream’s management team was seeking a vendor that could provide data storage solutions that met specific criteria, including speed, longevity, small footprint, scalability, and attractive pricing. Each server needed to be able to incorporate at least 60 TB up to a maximum of 200 TB of storage capacity, with provision for as much as 300 TB at a later stage. Toshiba was selected as the outstanding partner due to their cutting-edge recording technology and the compact high-capacity HDDs they brought to market. Toshiba’s MG Series HDDs feature an innovative 9- and 10-disk helium-sealed design that allows for heightened storage densities to be attained. These 3.5-inch form factor units feature capacities of up to 20 TB and 18 TB respectively, with a data transfer performance of 268 MiB/s and disks that rotate at speeds of 7200rpm.

Customer Benefit From Inventive Technology

The Toshiba MG Series HDDs come with either 6.0Gbits/s SATA or 12.0Gbits/s SAS interfaces included. Their long-term reliability, with a MTTF of 2.5 million hours, combined with low power consumption, delivers significant advantages to customers in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO). With their 3.5-inch form factor, these HDDs can easily be added into Worldstream’s server bays, providing large data capacities in a small amount of space. This has allowed the Worldstream engineering staff to make optimal use of the available space.

Trusted Partnership For Optimized Results

Toshiba has now become the company’s go-to supplier for data storage components. There are currently over 10,000 HDDs deployed at the Worldstream data center sites in Haarlem, Naaldwijk (the Netherlands) and Frankfurt (Germany). These provide a total of 100 PB of storage resources, and planned installations over the coming years are set to increase this still further.

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