Reliable as Dell, powerful as AMD

Businesses are built upon strong partnerships. Dell and AMD bring the latest in server technology, so we can provide the foundation for the services of managed IT provider Referit. That's how we create lasting high-quality custom infrastructure solutions, without any compromise on its affordability. But what defines us, to make us stand out? Watch the video below.

Dell AMD Dedicated Servers

"Dedicated to customer first"

  • Certified 365/24/7 support with resolve and response times of around 7 minutes. Emphasized by a NPS (US) score of 74. 
  • Servicing over 15,000 servers, moving towards being predominantly AMD-powered dedicated servers.
  • Enabling partner Referit to specialize their brand of cloud computing, through Dell's focus on the latest high-end technology.
  • Fully compliant self owned data centers (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and PCI-DSS), through sister company Greenhouse Datacenters.

Solutions powered by Dell and AMD

  • AMD Dedicated Servers

    AMD EPYC Dedicated Servers

    There is a simple explanation why enterprises are suddenly choosing AMD EPYC servers for their workloads. It's called performance. Coupled with energy efficiency AMD EPYC outperforms cloud, database, and big data workloads. Just to name a few.

  • Worldstream Private Cloud

    Private Cloud

    Don't want to invest in your own hardware? How about a fully personalizable VMware private cloud solution? Go for dedicated Dell physical resources, and enjoy low latency, and no noisy neighbors.

  • Worldstream IT Solutions

    Our solutions

    Does a digital transformation sound like the right decision, but you don't know where to start? Facing a challenging high-level network architecture, or questions about our peering and interconnection possibilities? Look no further, discover how our IT solutions can help.

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