Worldstream Launches Software-Defined Portfolio of 12 IT solutions ‘As-a-Service’

press Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Worldstream, a fast-growing provider of IT infrastructure solutions with more than 15,000 servers installed in its own data centers in the Rotterdam/The Hague region, today launches a completely new software-defined product portfolio for the Dutch market with 12 new infrastructure IT solutions ‘as-a-service’. Built on the recently launched Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN), the new as-a-service service portfolio has been developed by Worldstream’s own R&D department and responds to the increasing use of cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures and the corresponding flexibility and scalability needs of IT companies.

The recently launched Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN) is a highly secured software defined network (SDN) that provides high bandwidths and acts as an interconnection platform between data centers as well as within the data center environment. Worldstream now brings 12 infrastructural IT solutions ‘as-a-service’ to the market which are using this Worldstream SDN platform.

These include the following infrastructural IT solutions that are now provided by Worldstream software-defined, ‘as-a-service’: private cloud (VMware based), object storage, block storage, firewalls, bare metal/dedicated servers, anti-DDoS, colocation, cloud onramps, and more. Worldstream expects to gradually expand its as-a-service portfolio with new infrastructure solutions.

EVPN-VXLAN Technology

The new as-a-service IT solutions and the Worldstream Elastic Network on which the services are developed leverage Worldstream’s global network backbone with only 45 percent network utilization.

“For the 12 new as-a-service IT solutions, it means there is plenty of bandwidth available for the connections that customers can create à la minute between data centers and within their own data center environment,” said Tim Vollebregt, Director of Network & Cloud Services at Worldstream and responsible for R&D activities. “In fact, the Worldstream global network is the backbone for the as-a-service services we are launching today. EVPN-VXLAN technology provides a virtualized layer on top of this network, while the in-house designed intelligence in the SDN-controller ensures that the various infrastructure services can be combined with each other as modular building blocks - dynamically, scalably, quickly and above all very easily.”

With its infrastructural IT solutions as-a-service, Worldstream focuses on IT companies including managed service providers (MSPs), cloud service providers (CSPs), systems integrators and other IT channel companies that provide the setup and management of IT infrastructures for end users.

Availability, European Expansion

The 12 new as-a-service solutions, which can be flexibly interconnected via Worldstream’s SDN, will initially be offered from Worldstream’s own data centers in the Rotterdam-Den Hague region. These as-a-service solutions can be used by customers throughout the Netherlands. It is also possible to connect to other data centers in The Netherlands and to all business locations in The Netherlands. Later this quarter Worldstream expects to expand its as-a-service portfolio internationally and also launch it elsewhere in Europe.

“With over 15,000 physical servers installed in our data centers, we are now a major player in the Dutch market. Also, the extensive global proprietary network with ample bandwidth shows that Worldstream is a player of stature,” said Robin Lim, Director Sales & Marketing at Worldstream. “Worldstream’s tremendous growth over the past few years is the direct result of our ability to capitalize on customer-specific needs while offering them a competitive price/quality ratio for the infrastructural IT solutions we provide. The as-a-service product innovations we are launching today represent a significant new step in facilitating current and future infrastructure customer needs. It closely aligns with the growing market need for ultimate flexibility, cost control and ultra-fast time-to-market for the setup of all kinds of data center services related to cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures.”

A complete overview of the infrastructural IT solutions that Worldstream is now delivering ‘as-a-service’, which can be dynamically connected via the Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN):

Bare Metal/Dedicated Servers – Physical servers deployed in data centers where Worldstream’s global backbone has its presence. These servers can be delivered ‘as-a-service’ and combined through WEN with the other infrastructure solutions being offered.

Cluster-as-a-service – Servers deployed in a geographically dispersed infrastructure can work together as a single entity through the cluster-as-a-service offering. Workloads on bare metal can be easily moved to public or private cloud, and vice versa.

Firewall – This virtual firewall helps users protect applications, files and services. Worldstream’s firewall-as-a-service can be customized to meet unique user needs.

Cloud On-Ramp – To facilitate the establishment of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, this on-ramp provides secure direct access to all public cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Object Storage – For scalable storage of large amounts of unstructured files with desired high throughput, for example also when storage in many different regions is required.

Block Storage – For high-performance storage of large amounts of data, for the purpose of database or transaction applications and I/O intensive workloads.

Colocation – Customer equipment housed in one of Worldstream’s data centers in the Netherlands or internationally can be seamlessly incorporated into hybrid IT environments through this colocation-as-a-service solution.

Anti-DDoS – An innovative DDoS scrubbing solution that protects against the most powerful DDoS attacks, partly due to Worldstream’s global network backbone with massive bandwidth capacity.

Private Cloud – A VMware-based client-specific cloud environment, with firewall and redundant iSCSI SAN all-flash storage included. With multi-datacenter set-ups as an option.

3rd Party Datacenter – For quickly and cost-effectively creating secure direct connections to other data centers in the Netherlands and internationally.

Multi Location – A multi-location data center setup is easily achieved through this solution. Worldstream is able to offer the as-a-service solutions on multiple locations in Europe.

Fiber to the Business – This solution makes it possible to seamlessly connect any business location in the Netherlands and use Worldstream’s infrastructural IT solutions at these locations.

If you need help with interconnecting or integrating our 12 IT solutions with your IT infrastructure, contact our IaaS-experts on this page. Our IaaS-experts are happy to work out your puzzle pieces. Feel free to visit our solutions page here.